Hit the Ground Running

Are you starting a business or re-branding, and you need some momentum? Click below to see start-up packages that can get you on your way from good to great!

Content & Technical Writing

I believe that the best way to engage your client or customer is to show them who you are and tell your story. Through content writing such as blog posting, email lists, newsletters, and other efforts, we can reach your clients on a personal level.

Social Media Marekting

Social Media Marketing is not just posting! It's posting, interacting, finding your niche, building relationships, and, most of all, being PRESENT! Do you need help staying present online? I can help! 


Special Event Marketing

Getting in front of future clients and customers is so important, and yet can be overwhelming. We can help with special event marketing whether it's a company-sponsored event, a collaboration with others, or a vendor appearance. Get the most out of this face-to-face time.

Confident Woman

Personal Marketing

Are you trying to build your personal brand? Things have changed on the job market, the dating scene, and anywhere you endeavor to represent yourself. Let me help you take your resume to the next level, build a professional online portfolio, change your social media game, or level-up your online dating.


Every writer knows the more you look at something you have written, the more mistakes you will miss. I can be your second set of eyes on materials you need published with accuracy, flow, and voice. 

If I can help with any or multiple services above, please reach out through the "Let's Get Together" link, and let's start our marketing relationship!

Pricing will be based on the scope and length of the project. I pride myself on being affordable so that small businesses can be active in the successful marketing of their passions.