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Mid-Month Check-in

Today is National Evaluate Your Life Day! What? I am not quite ready for a task that hefty, but I do have some tips to check in with yourself to make sure you are in the best place possible. Taking care of your mental health always comes first.

Hell No

Have you said "no" lately? As one of my favorite authors says, if it's not a "yes," it's a "Hell no!" Filling up your metaphorical plate with other people's priorities leaves no room for your own, and you end up feeling empty. If it is not feeding your soul, say no and move on. It is hard at first because you may feel like you are disappointing people. Guess what: they get over it and move on, whereas you are actually physically and mentally harming yourself by taking on too much. Switch roles for a second. Would you want someone you cared about to sacrifice their own wellness for you? Not really. Other people are usually willing to give us way more grace than we are willing to give ourselves. Step back, think about what you are saying "yes" to, and think about saying "yes" to yourself instead.

Put it Down...No Really

Put the phone down. Unless you are reading this on your phone, then finish reading this, and put it down. Listen, right now, I am addicted to Poshmark. I am selling stuff, buying stuff, browsing stuff that isn’t even my’s a problem. I have to tell you, though, I have missed some conversations in its wake, and I need to just put it away. I sometimes put my phone down and hours have passed. This is not good for our health, y’all. As nice as it is to reach for something that is always there, that we can depend on, that entertains us, it can be super toxic to spend a lot of time with our eyes glued on a screen. Not only can it keep us from what is all around us, but it can lead to depression, weight gain, and other physical and mental issues. This is difficult, but try to set some boundaries. Maybe put the phone to charge for a couple of set hours and find a craft to do or something to organize. It will definitely make you feel productive and active.

Move It

My dad cleans the house. Every Saturday morning I would wake up to the sound of the vacuum and know that my dad was up and about. Why my dad? Because when my dad cleans, it takes about an hour. When my mom cleans, it takes about three days. My mom is a furniture mover. She will start by dusting the coffee table, and then decide that it needs to go in a different corner. Then whatever was originally in that corner needs a new home. Then she should probably reorganize whatever knick-knacks are on the mantle because now it doesn’t make sense with the new position of the coffee table. You see where this is going. While I never cease to be amazed by her cleaning distraction, I may have inherited her need for movement. Moving things around can make a huge difference. How long has it been since you moved your couch? How long has that picture been hanging in the same place above your fireplace? How long have you had the same rug in the same spot? I get that the motivation to get up and get stuff moving can be difficult, but once you start, making your space feel new again can really bring your body and mind into a clean and clear state. It’s almost like a new start, but all it takes is a slight change. Start small, and try moving one little thing, maybe a picture or a small table. Let that lead you to a new vision of your space. This could be just the thing you need.

Take care of yourself, you are your biggest asset!

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