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Finding Your Fortune

I've never been an incredibly superstitious person...I'll knock on wood like anyone else, but I've also been known to walk under ladders and open umbrellas in my office just to throw people off. I guess I figure the universe has a certain path for me that a couple of pieces of metal and nylon aren't going to mess with. That being said, I have always particularly enjoyed the symbolism and messages that come out of fortune cookies. Of course, I have played the "in bed" game where you add the words "in bed" to the end of any fortune and come out with something like "You will have a surprise in your near bed!" That one is always good for a laugh. But in all seriousness, I always wonder if my specific fortune was meant for me, if by some twist of the strings that hold all of our fates together the slip of paper I free from it's little cookie shell has a message that was meant just for me.

Today I was very fortunate (hehe...see what I did there?) as our waiter at P.F. Chang's forgot he had already given us fortune cookies and brought us more. By the time we left, I had three fortunes!

#1 You will come out ahead this week.

Well this one I could easily interpret as being ahead by a day and not knowing what day it is. All day I have thought it was Wednesday, and yet here it is...Tuesday, all day long. Or, maybe just maybe, It's the fact that I have been pushing myself to be a better me. I've been doing yoga, I increased my retirement contribution, I I did mid-week laundry for crying-out-loud! I got my to do list crossed off this morning at work, AND I had lunch with a good friend (who suggested the topic for this post by the way). I'm kicking butt at my job AND my side hustle. Y'all.....I'm eating green vegetables. Enough said.

#2 You will master a new hobby in the coming years

I can already tell you what this one is, or at least what I hope it is turning in to. I was listening to a Rachel and Dave Hollis podcast the other day, and if you haven't heard them holy cow drop what you are doing and check them out. They were talking about waking up an hour early to live your best life and I'm like *Scooby-Doo noise* what??? I wake up literally 23 minutes before I'm supposed to walk out the door. I typed in the comments, "What am I supposed to do with that hour LOL???" Well a very nice lady suggested I read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. Well sure, I needed a new audio book to listen to, why not.

Well, it just so happens that Elrod talks about how we can wake up an hour early and use that hour to develop ourselves as people. Basically he says that our success will never surpass our level of personal development, which makes sense. He then gives a whole bunch of ideas on how to do this. Exercise, prayer, meditation, reading, writing, etc. Well I remained a skeptic until a few words stopped me in my tracks: "Every time you hit the snooze button you are in a state of resistance to your life." Holy poop. I'm not trying to resist my life, I'm trying to live it! So what did I do? I set the alarm. And I only snoozed it a couple of times. And the next day I did it again. Now, in the morning, I do yoga and I pray. And today, I did a load of sheets too.

#3 Your future is filled with unexpected adventures

Well this one is so easy, I almost feel as if I' m cheating. The Robster and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage this year with a big 'ol shindig, and all I can think of is how much we have both grown and changed over those 10 years. If someone had told me what a roller coaster marriage would be I would have said, "Oh yes, that's nice" and gone about my business. Now, I would buy a round of beers and trade stories. Marriage is wonderful. And awful. And crazy. And passionate. It brings out your worst self and your best self. It makes you achingly vulnerable and stronger than you ever thought you could be. It's a lifetime of contradictions and dichotomies. I wouldn't change it for the world because it has turned us both into reflective and loving partners, but damn if it isn't a pain in the ass sometimes. I find myself remembering how I used to eat cereal for dinner and how much money we would save and how thin I would be if I could just do that again. I wonder sometimes if Robbie looks back on being single when I tell him to turn down the TV or pretty please get me water when I'm perfectly capable of getting my own damn water.

They say if your relationship can handle a move and a death then you are good to go. Well, if that's the case then we are solid. We have been up and down and sideways emotionally and physically, lived with parents, lost loved ones, had money, had no money, and here we are still standing. We travel. We have dreams of our future. And I am fully convinced our best adventures are yet to come.

Don't wait for the cookie

Even though I probably have you craving Chinese food, maybe you can't eat soy or you already have pork chops defrosting. Don't wait for the cookie. Find your fortune in whatever you look up at. In your loved one's eyes, in the prayer you say quietly to yourself in the elevator, in the Lady Gaga song you blare on your way home. I would love to hear them!

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